• The type of products is featured with low jitter and low phase noise characteristics since it doesn't include a voltage regulator.
Low phase noise type
Product NameOscillation ModeRecommended Oscillation FrequencyOperating VoltageOutput FrequencyOutput Load
KH9709AL1H Fundamental 4~60MHz 2.7~3.6V fo ~30pF
KH9709AL2H Fundamental 4~60MHz 2.7~3.6V fo/2 ~30pF
KH9709AL3H Fundamental 4~60MHz 2.7~3.6V fo/4 ~30pF
KH9709AL4H Fundamental 4~60MHz 2.7~3.6V fo/8 ~30pF
KH9709AL5H Fundamental 4~60MHz 2.7~3.6V fo/16~30pF
KH9709AL6H Fundamental 4~60MHz 2.7~3.6V fo/32~30pF
KH9709CH10HFundamental 16.8MHz 2.25~5.5V32KHz~50pF
KH9705ALAH 3rd-overtone30~50MHz 2.7~3.6V fo ~30pF
KH9705ALBH 3rd-overtone45~70MHz 2.7~3.6V fo ~30pF
KH9705ALCH 3rd-overtone65~100MHz 2.7~3.6V fo ~30pF
KH9705ALDH 3rd-overtone95~125MHz 2.7~3.6V fo ~30pF
KH9705ALEH 3rd-overtone100~133MHz2.7~3.6V fo ~30pF

  • The type of products with a built-in voltage regulator is operable with low frequency-deviation.
Low frequency deviation type
Product NameOscillation ModeRecommended Oscillation FrequencyOperating VoltageOutput FrequencyOutput Load
KH9827AL1H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo ~30pF
KH9827AL2H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo/2 ~30pF
KH9827AL3H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo/4 ~30pF
KH9827AL4H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo/8 ~30pF
KH9827AL5H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo/16~30pF
KH9827AL6H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo/32~30pF
KH9827AL7H Fundamental 10~60MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo/64~30pF
KH9829A10H Fundamental 16.8MHz 1.6~3.63V 32KHz~15pF
KH9829B11H Fundamental 33.6MHz 1.6~3.63V 32KHz~15pF
KH9827ALAH 3rd-overtone30~45MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo ~30pF
KH9827ALBH 3rd-overtone40~55MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo ~30pF
KH9827ALCH 3rd-overtone50~75MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo ~30pF
KH9827ALDH 3rd-overtone65~110MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo ~30pF
KH9835ALAH 3rd-overtone90~140MHz 2.25~3.63Vfo ~15pF
KH9835ALBH 3rd-overtone120~160MHz2.25~3.63Vfo ~15pF

  • The type of products operable at a normal temperature and those operable at a high temperature are unified into one page.
  • See the brief data sheets at High Temperature Product page, even if you are looking for Normal Temperature Product.
  • The type of products has a built-in voltage regulator so those can operate with low frequency-deviation.
  • World's Smallest size 0.5x0.52mm (as of January 2017, Kaho research) and ultrathin 100un.
Low frequency deviation type
Product NameOscillation ModeRecommended Oscillation FrequencyOperating VoltageOutput FrequencyOutput Load
KH9155AL1 Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
KH9155AL2 Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo/2 ~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo/4 ~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo/8 ~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo/16~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo/32~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 10~60MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo/64~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 50~100MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 16.8MHz 1.6~3.63V32KHz~15pF
(under development)
Fundamental 33.6MHz 1.6~3.63V32KHz~15pF
(under development)
3rd-overtone40~55MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
(under development)
3rd-overtone50~75MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
(under development)
3rd-overtone65~110MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
(under development)
3rd-overtone90~140MHz 1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
(under development)
3rd-overtone120~160MHz1.6~3.63Vfo ~15pF
  • Brochures are PDF files. Please download from here and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to read PDF files, if you have not installed it yet.
  • There is no guarantee of recommended oscillation frequency. The frequency depends on combined crystals and mounting condition.
  • All specifications may be changed without notice.
  • Consult here for detailed datasheets about KH9155 series.
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